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Generative AI Services

Tok to our bots

Tok to our bots

Sick of automated voices sounding like they ate a dictionary? Our Generative AI bot, Awaz-to-Awaz brings back the human touch to your calls. Talk like a person, get things done quickly. It’s that simple (and fun!). Reduce your call center costs for calling back, getting feedback, checking for confirmations and much more.
NLP with Boxcars

NLP with Boxcars

BoxCars takes on repetitive tasks so your team can focus on high-impact work. Boxcars is a Ruby Gem inspired by the popular Python library “Langchain”. It is an instance of Natural Language Processing technology that aims to simplify the development of applications using Large Language Models or LLMs.
GPT4 and Generative AI

GPT4 and Generative AI

Raabta is a GPT4 based AI Agent, that helps users effortlessly nurture relationships, run email campaigns and draft meaningful email content to keep connections warm. Raabta generates meaningful content targeted for each individual based on their location, job, communication history etc.
AWS Transcribe
AWS Polly
Crew AI
Pico Voice
LLama Index
Hugging face
Fast API
Chroma DB
Amazon Sagemaker

LLMs, GPTs, Geminis - Find the truth

Embrace Generative AI

New version of LLMs and GPT spark a touch of excitement with an essence of disbelief and mistrust. Do we jump into the generative AI wave or should we wait and see? The answers are complex because none of us have seen this before. What can we make of this generative AI revolution and how can you smartly navigate this new disruption? Conrad Labs can help you navigate through the hype and deliver the real value that generative AI promises. Our team of consultants and engineers have been experimenting with Gen-AI for the last couple of years and we can find your way through the anxiety.

You may have a use case for Generative AI, or simply an engineering or data problem or it could be a Machine Learning problem. We deliver advisory, consultancy and solutions to help you become an AI-first company.

Generative AI Use Cases

Awaaz to Awaaz: Conversational Bot

Forget clunky menus and hold music! Our voice assistants are revolutionizing customer care with lightning-fast response times (think 3-5.5 seconds!), thanks to fancy AI tech. We explored different voice highways (server-sent events, sockets, the whole gang) to make user interactions smoother than butter. Imagine chatting with a helpful voice agent who actually gets you. That's what we're building!

Our GenAI Offering

What can you do with with Generative AI?

What can you do with
Generative AI?