Transforming Mental Health Care with DataDriven Innovation


In pursuit of enhancing mental health care through technology, Ellipsas recognized the need for a reliable technology partner to bring their vision to life. They required a platform that could securely capture comprehensive psychosocial, medical, and mental intake history through automated symptom-rating scales. Conrad Labs stepped in as the ideal collaborator to turn this vision into reality.


Conrad Labs embarked on a collaborative journey with Ellipsas to develop a technology-driven solution that would revolutionize mental health care through data-driven insights and measurement-based care.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Ellipsas and Conrad Labs yielded transformative outcomes within the mental health care domain:

  • Revolutionized Care: The platform’s data-driven approach revolutionized mental health care, enabling more informed and personalised treatment strategies.
  • Secure and Privacy-Compliant: The HIPAA-secure platform ensured data security and patient privacy, instilling trust among patients and care providers.
  • Positive Patient Outcomes: The data-driven insights and measurement-based care led to improved mental health outcomes, benefiting both patients and care providers.


 The partnership between Ellipsas and Conrad Labs exemplified the transformative potential of technology in mental health care. Through the creation of a data-driven, user-friendly platform, the collaboration has paved the way for more personalized, effective, and collaborative mental health treatments. This successful endeavor serves as a model for leveraging technology to empower individuals and improve health outcomes in a critical area of healthcare.