A better way to buy and sell protein.


The protein trading and logistics industries have long operated with outdated practices, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Recognizing the need for a modern solution, Marcus Technologies sought to develop a platform that would seamlessly connect vendors, buyers, and traders while enhancing value throughout the process. They engaged Conrad Labs to lead the development effort and create a platform that would revolutionize the industry.


In close collaboration with Marcus Technologies’ protein trading experts, Conrad Labs embarked on a Greenfield Project to build the Marcus Technologies trading platform. This platform was envisioned as a catalyst for change in the protein trading and logistics sectors through the application of cutting-edge cloud computing technologies.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Marcus Technologies and Conrad Labs achieved transformative outcomes within the protein trading and logistics sectors:

  • Seamless Ecosystem Integration:The Marcus Technologies trading platform created a fluid connection between vendors, buyers, and traders. It offered a unified hub where stakeholders could collaborate, communicate, and conduct transactions without traditional barriers.
  • Advanced Technologies Stack: The platform utilized a modern technology stack, including Spring Boot, Java, Angular, Elasticsearch, and MySQL. These technologies ensured robust functionality, intuitive user interfaces, and efficient data management.
  • Cloud-Powered Infrastructure: Marcus Technologies’ trading platform disrupted the protein trading and logistics sectors by introducing a digital ecosystem that aligned with modern business needs.


The collaboration between Marcus Technologies and Conrad Labs exemplified the transformative power of cloud computing technologies in driving innovation within established industries. The Marcus Technologies trading platform stands as a testament to the potential of technology to reshape business processes and create value for all stakeholders involved. This pioneering endeavor marks a significant milestone in the evolution of protein trading and logistics, inspiring similar industry shifts in the future.