Why Us

  • High-powered Dev team with unparalleled “0-60” start-up experience and proven track delivering projects on time & budget.
  • Team of highly motivated and super productive engineers who love working with high tech start ups.
  • Purpose built dedicated teams (think in-house remote ), involved in complete product life cycle. From idea inception to PoC, Production grade implementation, Cloud based deployment and operations. The whole works.
  • Team with a proven track record of 100+ successful sprints, with 5 cloud based startups over the last 3 years, without missing a beat.
  • High priced hired guns to come and replace existing team.
  • Coders who only do as they are told. Many of us are software artists who take pride in their work and provide valuable input into pretty much all areas of the product.
  • Off-shore sweatshop which gouges clients and pays peanuts to its developers. All of our team members are purposefully hired and go through a rigorous screening process to ensure quality and a perfect match for the position. As a result we are well-paid individuals (compared to the local market), and provide direct visibility to the client into where their money is spent.

Wishing everyone a joyous Eid

Conrad LabsAug 08th, 2013

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IBM to acquire StoredIQ

Conrad LabsDec 20th, 2012

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